General Resources



The Learning Page- Library of Congress

The Newseum- A history of the news

Claire Kilbane Website- Presenter, Best Practices Institute

Vanderbilt Research Magazine

Learning Styles Test

Bartleby- Great quotes online

How stuff works

Regional Technology in Education Consortium

Reading Quest


Education Oasis

Noodle Tools- Teacher Resources for 21st century learning

Notestar- Research skills

Think Tank- Research skills

Universal Design for Learning

Online quiz center

Quizlet- Easy way to learn vocabulary

Teachnology Rubric maker


Sourceforge- Free, open-source recording software

Podcast People


Youth Radio

Ning- Create your own social network for anything

Carol Tomlinson Website- Differentiation

Make Belief Comix- Create online comics with audio

Toondo- Create online comics

Ustream TV- Broadcast yourself worldwide

Google My Maps

Mixbook- Create online photo books

Thinkature- Collaborate in real-time

Gabcast- Create podcasts, audio files, conference calls, etc.

Digital Book Talks

Google Lit Trips

Teacher First- A variety of teacher related websites

Noodle Tools- Bibliography tools

Bib Me- Bibliography tools

Springfield Township High School Library


Gliffy- Create and share diagrams, flow charts, etc.

Create polls and surveys

Edupic- Variety of education related resources

Moodle- Create online classes

Class Notes Online




Essential Questions & Big Ideas

Gaggle- Free filtered email for schools and students Footnote allows students to access primary source documents and photos, and create online history reports. The URL can then be posted, and students can leave comments on their peers' work. This allows anyone (especially teachers) the ability to leave virtual post-it notes on any site on the web.

Community Walk- Allows students to put various sites on a map with descriptions and images. Students can use this to describe field trips, report on historical events, and do other mapping applications.

Flashcard Friends- This is a free tool for creating, sharing, learning and self-testing online flashcards created by students or teachers.


Free Rice- Answer vocabulary questions and get free rice donated to 3rd world countries

Education Week


Awesome Library

Teacher Tube

Department of Education- Doing What Works